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Natural Purple Sweet Potato Powder Extract

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Motor power 0.45 kw
Heating mode Electric or Steam heating
Steam to be consumed 5kg/h
Total power 1kw
Working temperature 110°C to 180°C
Drying capacity for each time 25kg
Heat radiation 5m
Air capacity 3450 m/h


1.Most of hot air is circled inside the oven. The hot dfficiency is high. The energy source can be saved.

2.It uses enhanced ventilation and equips with adjustable air divider plate inside the oven, Raw material can be dried evenly, The hot source can be steam, hot water, elecericity or far infrared.

3.The machine has low noise and stable operation, The temperature can be controlled automatically,The installation and maintenance are very convenient.

4.The applied fields are wide and suitable for all kinds of raw materials. It is a comprehensive drier.

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